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Categories of natural health vegetable material
First, the plant polyphenol
The concept of plant polyphenols are: macromolecular structure of organic compounds containing polyphenol. Are secondary metabolites in plants, mainly in the bark, roots, leaves, fruits, the content in plants after cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin.
The first to be called tannin polyphenols, tannins and continue to use the word. There is a reason: the skin of animals and humans found that some plants were placed together with water after soaking, skins into leather, and this feature leather plant-derived "astringent properties." 1796 Seguin proposed using the word "tannin" to indicate that aqueous extracts of the plant can "make rawhide into leather," the astringent substances. Therefore, the term has been used tannin for hundreds of years.
In 1981, Haslam according tannin molecular structure and molecular weight, have proposed "plant polyphenols" that term. It includes compounds tannins and single 宁有生 source relationships.
The most recent study of the most transparent, the most widely polyphenols are: tea polyphenols, grape seed polyphenols, Peanut polyphenols, pine bark polyphenol, apple polyphenol, citrus polyphenols, pomegranate polyphenols.
Second, flavonoids
Flavonoids concept: a class of compounds containing two benzene rings having a phenolic hydroxyl group linked through a central three carbon atoms from each other.
From the point of view of this explanation, it is clear: Flavonoids also have phenolic groups, polyphenol groups should be a sub-groups. Flavonoids are characterized C6-C3-C6 skeleton.
But flavonoids of C6-C3-C6 skeleton, making it very different polyphenols. So experts often put it another out of a class.
Third, plant polysaccharides
This is the first application of a category, include starch, cellulose, polysaccharides, pectin. Of course, but as ordinary food starch, clearly not care material object of attention. Cellulose already been developed as health care products, such as slag apple juice after pressing, the raw material after drying is health.
Recent studies more polysaccharide Ganoderma lucidum, Fu Ling, straw, wheat straw, bamboo, astragalus, Acanthopanax and other polysaccharides. Some health polysaccharide applications are very broad, and became a pharmaceutical raw materials, such as Lentinan anticancer injection could be made up.

    Fourth, the plant terpenes
Terpenes are a class of compounds having the basic structural unit of isoprene. It is the polyphenols, have nothing in common on the chemical structure of flavonoids.
A class of plant terpenes also a very important secondary metabolites. Terpenoids widely found in nature, constitute the main component of certain plants flavor, resin, pigments, alkaloids and the like. Such as rose oil, eucalyptus oil, turpentine and so contains a variety of terpenoids.
Polyphenols, polysaccharides, polyterpenes, forms the basis for natural health products.