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Olive (Latin name: Olea europaea L) is an evergreen tree, is the world famouswoody oil trees, the fruit contains high quality edible oil and olive oil.

Olive oil is mainly distributed in Europe and the United States of AmericaMediterranean countries in California, Greece, Italy, Spain, Tunisia for origin. Nowall the countries in the world are introduction and cultivation, 50 years into our country, our country in the cultivation of the West and the Northwest region.

There are more than 500 varieties of olive, with about 140 species widely planted.

The main ingredients of olive leaf extract is oleuropein, English name olive.

[product name] olive leaf extract

[English name] Olive Leaf Extract

[extract] olive tree leaves

[main ingredients] oleuropein

[Specification] oleuropein 10%-40%

[method] HPLC

[character] brown yellow powder products

[composition] secoiridoid

[Formula] C25H32O13

[] 540.51 molecular weight

[], shelf life of seal cool, dry place for 24 months

[packing] of 25 kg net board barrel


1, antioxidant effect

2, strengthen the immune system and the effect on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

3, broad antibacterial effect

4, strengthen the immune system, the prevention of cardiovascular disease.


1, pharmaceutical. Mainly used for drug manufacturing treatment of virus, bacteria,protozoa, parasites and diseases caused by biting insects such as, new drugs andtreatment of cold.

2, health food. In Europe and the United States and other countries, olive leaf extract as dietary supplements, used for regulating immunity.

3, skin care products. Oleuropein can protect skin from UV damage, effectively to maintain skin suppleness and elasticity.