Pine Bark Extract

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Pine Bark Extract

[ Name ]Pine Bark Extract

[ Latin names Pinus massoniana Lamb

[ Extracts ] Pine Bark

[ Active ingredient ] Procyanidins

[ Characters ] Fine red-brown powder

[ Use ] medicine, health products, food products and cosmetics

[ Shelf-life ] Dark, cool, dry conditions, 2 years

[ Packaging ] 25Kg / drum


Extracting from a particular species of pine bark,  the main component are polyphenols procyanidins. Procyanidins is a powerful antioxidant, an efficient scavenger of free radicals. For food supplements, health food and cosmetics.


Procyanidins can be from grape seeds, peanut skin, pine bark, the lotus shell and so on plant organ. Because pine bark raw materials has the highest content of procyanidins, a well-known brand  of pine bark extract of   procyanidins ,called PYCNOGENOL ,has  been decades the prevalence of prosperity.  


Characteristics of our product: 

1, only pure water as solvent extraction, security and good water-soluble; 

2, 95% procyanidins specifications, but also for other specifications; 

3, the selected tree species, the bright color of the product, is applied to strengthen the function of beverages; 

4, good circulation, easy-to-capsule loaded, easy-to-grain; 

5, all though 80 mush; 

6, microorganisms, heavy metals, in line with industry standards. 

The product is widely used: 

1, to strengthen the function of solid food, fresh, coloring. 

2, to strengthen the function of the liquid food, and coloring. 

3, and cosmetics. 

4, the prevention of cardiovascular diseases such as health care products and pharmaceuticals. 

5, feed additives. 

6, compound fertilizer.