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Other plant extracts 

Pan'ang County, is a major producer of herbal medicines in Zhejiang Province .There is the largest  herbal medicines market of Zhejiang Province ,production and trading volume some of the less well-known Chinese herbal medicines market,but authentic smedicines. Since the Song dynasty,Atractylodes macrocephala Koidz,Corydalis yanhusuo,Scrophularia ningpoensis Hemsl,Raeonia lactiflora pall,polygonatum odoratum ( Mill.) Druce,beening famous.


In 1996, Pan'ang County, was named " China's township of the raw material for medicine ."

There are 1219 kinds of medicinal plants in Pan'ang county, well-known "Zhejiang Bawei" 
Atractylodes macrocephala Koidz,Corydalis yanhusuoScrophularia ningpoensis Hemsl,Raeonia lactiflora pall,polygonatum odoratum ( Mill.) Druce such as five-rich herbs to taste this (commonly known as "Gomi Line"), Atractylodes, Hu Yuan, Zhejiang Fritillaria, Scrophulariaceae, the yield and quality of Gastrodia ranking first, the province is the largest Chinese herbal medicines main producing areas. Atractylodes Pan'an, for example, frogs may form (commonly known as "Operation Frog"), chrysanthemum pattern section, the fragrance smell, the White surgery products, the annual output of more than 3000 tons, the country's total production accounts for about 30% of the "National Atractylodes, the pan An IV ", said. Scrophularia Pan'an hard and waxy, thin skin and meat, fat branch, named "Yuan Wu Senate." Tianma Pan'an annual output more than 200 tons, ranking first in the country as the "capital of Tianma." Pan'an EB-long, meat fat, sweet Gentle, the annual output of 200 tons, the country's major export production base.

Chinese herbal medicines has been Pan'an the agricultural industry an important pillar of the rural economy in Pan'an occupies a pivotal position. The production of medicines all over the county township, more than 80% of farmers engaged in the production of herbal medicines.

Pan'ang is in addition to " China's township of the raw material for medicine ", or "Chinese mushrooms town", "China's rural ecological Longjing tea," and "state-level ecological demonstration zones", "Hill National Nature Reserve in the market," location, has rich in natural resources.

Pan'ang Wei-feng plant materials plant, based on the Pan'ang County,
 rich natural resources of Chinese herbal medicines,can extract the active ingredient, to satisfy the market for traditional Chinese medicine extract the different needs.