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There are four King Kong in traditional Chinese medicine: rhubarb diarrhea first, ginseng qi first, attachment wenyang first, cooked nourishing first. These 4 are not the most effective, but the most common, less toxic side effects and the most widely used.

According to historical records, in 270 BC, China began to use rhubarb medicinal materials, widely used for constipation, sore throat, sore gums and other diseases.

China has been the major exporter of the world for hundreds of years.

The rhubarb extract is the dried roots of rhubarb, Tanggut rhubarb, and medicinal rhubarb in the family Polygonum aceae.

The main ingredient of rhubarb extract is rhubarb anthraquinone, which has the effects of diarrhea and hemostasis.