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          Cinnamon, also known as cinnamon, cinnamon, is the common name of plant bark in the family camphor aceae. Cinnamon is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine, food spices, cooking seasoning.

Cinnamon is hot, when used as a drug, has the function to promote vascular dilation and gastric fluid secretion. Because the blood circulation accelerates after vascular dilation, it helps to enhance the effectiveness of other drugs. The previous experience is that "the drugs can not reach, cinnamon, can not reach".

The main active ingredients of cinnamon are Class II: cinnamon oil, cinnamon polyphenols. The main function of cinnamon oil is to drive the wind and strengthen the stomach. In essence, although cinnamon polyphenols are also proanthocyanidins and have excellent antioxidant properties, compared with the single antioxidant function from grape seeds and pine skin, cinnamon polyphenols have a strong function: cinnamon polyphenols are divided into A, B, A hypoglycemic, B reduced blood lipid.And the proportion of type A is higher than type B.

Therefore, cinnamon polyphenols are famous for anti-diabetes. cinnamon polyphenols are mainly used for developing anti-diabetes drugs in modern times.

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